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昭和電工グループについて  產品

低鈉氧化鋁 Low Soda Alumina (AL Series)

類球型氧化鋁 Roundish Alumina (AS Series)

球型氧化鋁 Spherical Alumina (Alunabeads™ CB Series)

電子用氧化鋁填料(FA) Alumina Electrical Filler (FA Series)

六方氮化硼 Hexagonal Boron Nitride (SHOBN™ UHP Series)

電熔氧化鋁(RW) Electrofused Alumina (White Morundum™ RW Series)

電熔氧化鋁(WA) Electrofused Alumina (White Morundum™ WA Series)

電熔氣泡氧化鋁(BW) Electrofused Alumina (BUBBLE MORUNDUM™BW Series)

電熔模耐特(RM) Electrofused Mullite (Shomullite™ RM Series)

電熔尖晶石(FAM) Electrofused Spinel (Shospinel™ FAM Series)

電熔氧化鋯(RZ) Electrofused Zirconia (Shozirconia™ RZ Series)

電熔棕剛玉(A) Electrofused brown alumina (Morundum™ A Series)

電熔剛玉(SA) Electrofused Alumina (SINGLEMORUNDUM™ SA Series)

電熔剛玉(PW) Electrofused Alumina (PINKMORUNDUM™ PW Series)

電熔剛玉(SM) Electrofused Alumina (SINTERMORUNDUM™ SM Series)

電熔剛玉(SR) Electrofused Alumina (SINTERMORUNDUM™ SR Series)

黑碳化矽(C) Black silicon carbide (Densic™ C Series)

高純綠碳化矽(GC) High-purity green silicon carbide (Green Densic™ GC Series)

潤滑劑和脫模劑(LBN) Lubrication And Mold-release Agents (LBN™ Series)

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